Free App: Ghostery

Let’s face it – implied privacy on the internet doesn’t really exist anymore. Advertisers, retailers, and social networks have no shortage of methods they can use to keep an eye on what you’re doing as you browse the web. They use this information to build a profile on your interests, in the hopes of delivering you targeted ads and content. Sometimes this can be useful or relevant to you, but for most people it’s a bit creepy.

Ghostery Logo

Ghostery is a free plugin for all major browsers that will automatically block beacons, tracking cookies, and other nasty things that can be used to follow you around the web. When installing it, you have a ton of flexibility in terms of what you want blocked and what you’re fine with allowing.

The plugin can also optionally show you a little window to alert you to what exactly it blocked when you load a webpage. You’ll be shocked at how many things it catches on websites you probably thought were pretty safe.

Ghostery Block Window

One thing to keep in mind is that unfortunately some of sites rely on some of the things that Ghostery blocks in order to function properly. If after installing it you notice that some of your favourite websites start acting weird or videos don’t load, click on the little blue ghost and either click Pause Blocking or Whitelist Site to allow the page to load normally.

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Free App: Ninite

I both love and hate reformatting my computer. When it’s finally done, everything runs all wonderful and fast again like it was brand new. But then having to reinstall the core stuff that I rely on takes forever. It sucks.

Ninite Logo

Ninite is the answer to this. It literally shaves hours off this process by automating the installation of the latest versions of dozens of popular (and unpopular, but useful!) apps that you choose from a list. Simply go to the website, check what you want, and click Get Installer. Run the file that downloads and the app will do it’s thing. No reboots, no clicking Next, Next, Next. Just sit back and relax while it works its magic.

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PS. For all you Mac users out there (like me), there is also an OSX-compatible alternative called GetMacApps.

Movement 2015: A Quick Recap

Well, another Movement is in the bag. This year marked my third pilgrimage to Detroit, MI for the annual Memorial Day weekend festival at Hart Plaza, and I wanted to share some thoughts on this year’s parties…

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Free App: f.lux

If you’re like me, between work and home you probably spend a good chunk of your day at a computer. I don’t know about you, but that awful blue glow from a monitor gets really damn hard on the eyes after a while. Studies have also proven that it has a serious impact on your body’s sleep.

Enter f.lux.


This free app will automatically adjust the colour temperature of your screen to match the lighting you’re currently surrounded by, based on time of day. Enter in your zip/postal code and let f.lux do the rest. Your eyes will thank you. Best of all, it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS – so even your mobile devices can be a bit easier to look at.

Get it here:

Babwatch 2015

Holy sweet jesus – hell has officially frozen over. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Mike Babcock to a monster $50M deal that will hopefully last the next 8 years. This makes him the highest paid coach in NHL history, and frankly, he probably deserves it. Though this is far from a magic bullet, there’s no denying this is a step in the right direction for the Leafs.

It is definitely going to be interesting to see what happens to the “uncoachable” Phil Kessel and the rest of the underperforming team once training camp starts back up. Will he even make it til then?

Coach Me If You Can

Shanahan says that Babcock is going to have considerable input into the roster and player relations, so hopefully that translates into a better team both on and off the ice. He sat down with CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos today and reinforced that he knows the immensity of the challenge ahead of him, and you can tell he’s excited about it.

I am beyond anxious to see what else the team does in the off-season to get ready for October. God knows more big changes are needed.